Implementing GAO’s grants recommendations

A few of us in the National Grants Partnership (NGP) are putting together a white paper titled “Accelerating Grants Streamlining: Furthering the Recommendations of the GAO Grants Streamlining Report”. GAO’s April report regarding grants streamlining made several recommendations [links to my other blog] but didn’t provide any hint about how agencies could actually use them. We hope to start the ball rolling in making GAO’s recommendations implementable.

Folks from all levels of government are helping us in this effort by reviewing our work as it develops. In working on the white paper,  it’s become pretty clear to me that the government has missed a lot of important considerations and inputs from non-government people in their discussions of grants streamlining…or, at least, it appears that way. We’re in the final draft stage now, so the paper will be published pretty soon. I’ll put a link up on the blog once it’s public. In the meantime, if you’d like to know more, e‑mail me.